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Arrival and Departure from the Charlottesville-Albermale Airport

The Charlottesville airport website has a complete list of flight information, health and security tips, nearby dining, and general flight transportation tips. 

Distance from Conference Location:

  • A 14 minutes drive utilising ride shares (Ubers, Lyfts) to and from the location of the Conference. 

Transportation 1.0: Your Visit


Taking An Amtrak

The official Amtrak Website  has detailed information on booking a trip from your location to Charlottesville.  

Address of the Charlottesville Amtrak Station : 

  • 810 West Main Street, Charlottesville, VA, 22903

Distance from Conference Location: 

  • A 3 Minute Car Drive Using Ride Shares (Ubers, Lyft) 

  • A 16 minute Ride Using the Charlottesville Free Trolley

  • A 26 minute walk from the Amtrak Station

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Transportation 1.0: Your Visit
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Charlottesville Free Trolley 

Charlottesville offers a FREE trolley for visitors and commuters alike.  It runs Monday through Saturday from 06:40AM to 11:37PM, and Sundays from 08:00AM to 05:47PM. 

Free Trolley Schedule 

Rider's Guide 

Transportation 1.0: Your Visit


Ubers & Lyfts 

Uber and Lyft are excellent ridesharing phone applications for getting about Charlottesville from your accommodation to the conference venue and vice versa.

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Transportation 1.0: Your Visit
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